Websites are a dime a dozen and being able to drive web traffic that actually converts to sales is top priority for many businesses. As new website designs are unveiled, making sure your website is both visually pleasing and user-friendly can mean the difference from gaining new customers or losing out on sales. In a recent website review conducted by the Snowball Creative Group, slow uploading, outdated content and distorted mobile layouts were the biggest complaints by web visitors that often lead to them not requesting more information or leaving a website before their purchase is complete. If you haven’t considered these fatal website flaws, now is the time to take a deep dive into your website and get them fixed immediately.

  • Slow or inefficient uploading - When you go to a new website, you’re hoping to get the information you need as quickly as possible. Having to wait minutes for a new page to load will easily disincentivize web visitors from wanting to click on other pages to learn more about your company and services. Making sure your backend functions are up-to-date or completely revamping your website platform can be cost-effective ways to ensure your website is running at the optimal speed.

  • Outdated content - What is a website without compelling and fresh content? Whether you have a company website or a blog, having new content that is both relevant and accurate is key. You want your customers to have the right information they need, at their fingertips. Keep in mind that your website is your company’s online “face”, so making sure it appropriately reflects your business is critical. Traditionally, web developers would make this content process very cumbersome and expensive. Investing in a website that will be both front-end user-friendly and easy to manage on the backend can save you tons of time and money. With Snowball Creative Group, our innovative CMS-run websites enable clients to seamlessly control almost every aspect of their website and update content, as often as needed, in real-time.

  • Distorted view on a mobile device - With over 80% of adults using smartphones to view web content, having a mobile responsive design is a great selling point. Without this your website may not display correctly and could prevent mobile web visitors from seeing pertinent content. An experienced web developer should be able to upgrade your current website design into a more mobile device friendly version. However, if your website has not had a digital facelift in some time, it may be worthwhile to redesign your website with the 21st century web visitor in mind. 

If you have noticed some of these same flaws in your own website, don’t worry. Most businesses invest in their website early on and never revisit its functionalities or consider their web user’s experience. The design and implementation team at Snowball Creative Group specializes in engineering award-winning websites that convert. In a recent project, the website for the Atlanta Photographic Society (APS) was re-designed to improve the overall usability. As a result of the cutting-edge web development work done, APS won the Second Place Web Design Award in the 2017 Photographic Society of America competition. Now, the new site is used frequently by members to plan for competitions, programs, and uploading digital images for competitions.

Updating your website is the first step in making sure your business or blog’s online presence properly represents your brand. For a complimentary website review, contact the design team at Snowball Creative Group today.