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  • Sex and the City Premier

Sex and the City




Home Box Office wanted to distribute a cross advertisement coupon with AT&T at their upcoming premiere of Sex and the City. Snowball also learned HBO had a difficult time inviting people to premieres and had no active list of potential customers to invite.


Rather than a simple coupon, Snowball recommended adding value by designing an Atlanta identity for HBO to brand current and future premieres for the local market. The logo was blind embossed on the cover of custom stitched flip books to promote upcoming events. Inserted pages of the flip book included promotional information about the current premiere, upcoming premieres, and a cross advertising coupon. Business reply cards (BRC) were also used to tackle their issue of filling future events.


The premiere promotions resulted in a keepsake item for VIP pass holders and HBO received a 33% response rate from the business reply card for future event attendees. HBO was invited to speak of the campaign's success at Emory University.