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US Screen Co.




US Screen is an 85-year old manufacturing business with a loyal client base. Not bad for a company with no logo. They came to Snowball because their outdated website from 2008 stopped attacking new business. The little new business came from existing clients. They needed to attack new customers.


Snowball began the brand development of the company with strategic consultation about the company’s products, services, industries, competition and objectives. Then, Snowball designed the new logo and identity system to better reflect the brand message before tackling their website. Snowball redesigned their website with a focus on industry specific content for attracting new markets. Google analytics helps the client measure traffic by industry and product in order to plan for marketing strategy. The client is also able to update and modify content accordingly.


Since the rebrand, US Screen have reported that improving their site and branding have significantly had a positive impact on their business. There January year-over-year business increased by 600%. They had a record 22 RFP’s from other countries. Their total year-over-year sales increased 90% from February of last year. Also, since the rebrand, they have generated the most revenue in their company's history.