Have you ever visited a business’ website and thought to yourself, “Who would buy this from them?” or “Can I even trust this company?” Believe it or not, web visitors ask themselves these questions often. This is why making sure your website is perfectly aligned with your brand image and conveying your company as being reputable and professional is mission-critical. We’ve compiled the top five website flaws that may be detracting from your brand and must be fixed ASAP.

  1. The information is outdated and incorrect. Your website is your business’ first impression for many website visitors. Typos, old information, or even poor text layouts can be a distraction and take away from your brand. Many companies invest in web development, early on, and never revisit the website. This can be one of the biggest mistakes you make. Your website should be reviewed at least once a year to ensure that the pricing, contact information and text is accurate.

  2. Your full product offering is not listed. A web user should get a full glimpse into your business when they visit your website. This way you can be sure they are contacting you because they want to move forward and not contacting you to ask you general questions that could have been answered on the website. As your business grows or discontinues product offerings, updating your website’s text is essential. Keep in mind that new customers may not be aware of everything you offer, so listing products and services on your website is key to showcasing all the value your company can provide.

  3. Contact information is hard to find. You want your website to be professional, easy-to-navigate and definitely informative. Whether the web visitor is a current customer in need of customer service or a new customer interested in learning more, you want to clearly display your contact information. Keep in mind that customers want to feel that your company is transparent and accessible. Having hidden contact information or lack thereof can be the quickest way to lose potential business.

  1. Your work is not showcased on the site. If you’re doing great work - brag about it and show it off. Potential customers want to see what you can produce and it is an effective way to build up your social proof as being a reputable company. Whether you have a dedicated portfolio page or create a few case studies, it is important to share your work on your website and also feature it on your social media profiles. Even incorporating testimonials on your website is an easy way to share your customers’ experiences with your company.

  2. The website layout is not consistent and hard-to-follow. Your website should look professionally designed, inside and out. Having inconsistent text and image layouts with clashing colors on each page can be an eyesore and signal a sense of disorganization. You want your website to tell a story of your brand and represent this story, in a uniform fashion, on each page. Considering the colors, the text placement and the images used throughout your website should all come together to accurately convey your company’s value and reputation.

Putting in the time and money into crafting a winning website can mean the difference between generating new leads from your website or getting nothing at all. In addition to avoiding these five website flaws, it is equally important to develop a comprehensive brand manual that can be used to guide your website and marketing designs. At, Snowball Creative Group, our experienced team of web design specialists would be happy to help you review your website and update it to better represent your brand. Contact us today for a complimentary website consultation.