Understanding how people interact with your site is key in being able to better target your content to speak directly to your target audience. With tools like Google Analytics and Mouseflow, you can get a great sense of how web visitors get to your site and how they navigate through your content. You want to pay particular attention to what pages they may visit and, more importantly, what pages they exit from. When you’ve identified “the exit pages” it is time to delve deeper into the text on these pages to see what you can do to better engage your web visitors. The web development specialists at Snowball Creative Group recommend revising  your exit pages and infusing a mix of the following:

Add stronger calls-to-action. Each web page of your site should be considered its own landing page. Though it may contain specific information about your company or products and services, each webpage should have directed content that compels prospective customers to want to click to learn more or to buy your product. Include targeted phrases like “Click here to schedule”, “For more information”, “Register for a demo”, or “Contact us here”. This way your web visitors know where to click for a specific action and are not wasting time searching your website. Be sure to tailor your call-to-action to fit your target audience and the action you want them to take. If you’re trying to get customers to sign up for a free trial, communicate this information clearly and give them plenty of opportunities to click and register. 

Leverage testimonials often. If you have social proof that customers who buy your product love it, then show this off throughout your website. Prospective customers may be exiting your webpage with the question of, “does this really work?” and by providing testimonials you’re driving them closer to trying your product. Including links to view online galleries and social media profiles are also great ways to get customers to engage with your website longer before closing out of the page.

Use short videos to highlight features. Prospective customers may be leaving your site because they’re not sure how your product works or if it will work for them. Using short marketing-style videos to showcase your product or service features can be a great way to get web visitors to envision your product and how it may fit in their lives. This can be an effective way to also humanize your company and help customers feel more connected with your brand. 

Incorporate eye-catching images. No one wants to land on a text-heavy website. So, if you find that visitors are exiting on your more text-intensive pages, then it is time for a webpage overhaul. Investigate and see what content must be written out and what could be better positioned using a graphic like an infographic, a chart or an interactive animation. The key is to make your webpages as user-friendly as possible. The more clunky your website is to navigate, the higher the chance that web visitors will click on to your site and immediately click off. Including high-quality images can also be a good way to put your products and services on full display to attract prospective customers.

Your website is your first chance to grab new customers, so you want to be sure it is as effective as possible. Reviewing your “exit pages” can help you revise your site to be more appealing to web visitors and better position your brand for the sale. If you’re considering a website rehaul or want to determine which pages of your site should be updated, contact the knowledgeable web traffic experts at Snowball Creative Group today for a complimentary website audit.