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Improving our site and branding have significantly had a positive impact on our business. January YOY we had a 600% increase in business. Since the rebranding, we had a record of 22 RFP from other countries. Total YOY, sales increased 90% from February of last year. Also, since the rebrand, we have generated the most revenue in our company's history.
Al Tejada

Because of your ideas and the way you collaborate with our team on marketing initiatives, we’ve really improved our ability to bring in business.

When we started working together I thought I just needed a graphic designer to redesign our logo and website, but your ideas for how we could expand our brand into social media marketing have really worked for us. We’ve come to realize that you are really more of a brand manager for us now.

Matt Dickason
I am fortunate to have met Chris through another business associate. He is intuitive and very creative. Chris has served some very high profile clients of ours on a repeated basis and I am proud to have him as one of my collaborators. When you work with Chris, you are working with a master.
Kevin Johnston
Chris is the kind of Creative Director clients dream of. The many years of experience that Chris brings to the table allows the project at hand to move effortlessly from start to finish with results that exceed expectations. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Chris.
Bob Ellis
I have worked with Chris Handley on multiple projects. He is a talented Art Director who brings an impressive depth of experience and close attention to creative and strategic detail to every job. In addition to being talented, Chris is personable, dedicated and brings integrity to anything he's involoved with. I look forward to working with Chris again.
Susan Solomon
It’s too bad Chris has gone to work in-house. I know he’s happy there, but I’ve missed his marketing experience and design savvy on freelance projects I’ve worked on recently. He’s very good at making a company look unique and well-established at the same time (not an easy thing to do).
Irene Hatchett
Chris is an expert in advertising and his voice adds value to his work. He actively supports a team meeting. He is present in the development of creative projects. His active work is important in a project team.
Veronica Giurich Pica

At first I was scared to look at the site. As you know, we spent over a year with three other designers and made so little progress. I was fearful of more of the same, fearful of lost time. And just basically so upset about the process so far I couldn’t really bear more disappointment.

Thanks for being 100% different than the others. The site came together and launched exactly the way you said it would in only three weeks. My clients easily navigate it and it’s stunning.

Cayenne Barnes

I needed a fresh appearance for my website, but my previous design firm's quote was exorbitant. Having worked with Chris on clients’ projects, I knew he had a great eye for design, the expertise to build the site properly, and an affordable pricing structure. Above all, I knew I could count on his integrity.

I learned just how valuable Chris could be as a resource. He prompted me to remain on task (I was writing my own content!); he guided me to a more reliable blog host, which I love; and he encouraged me to take responsibility for certain tasks. By giving me the option of accomplishing certain tasks myself, he not only saved me money, but he also left me with much more control over my online communications.

Chris is always patient, pleasant and professional. I highly recommend his services.

Sallie Boyles
Chris hired my catering company for a photo shoot and I got to see first hand the Chris' talent as an Art Director. I had no idea we were going to feed Ms. Georgia 1995 and 2002, what fun. Chris always works with the best in the business and his work shows it. I encourage anyone who needs a creative eye for their marketing materials to talk to Chris.
Terrell Sandefur
Chris understands our business better than the largest agency in Atlanta.
Matt Domanico
I first met Chris in 1997 while working on the Board of Ad 2 Atlanta. At the time, I was the Atlanta office for an offset printing company. Quite impressed with Chris' work, The Ad Shop was pleased and honored to be able to print some of his work. Chris is a delight to work with. He is at the top of his field and stays abreast on new technology and techniques. I highly recommend Chris as a Creative Director.
Sara DiGiusto
Chris is very creative and added great value. Did a fabulous job and very reasonable priced for the value.
Beth Salvati
Chris was able to get everyone to effectively communicate their opinions and ideas, then was able to weave those into a solution that was better than any one person's individual idea.
Michael Gaertner

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