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The best results come when client and design team work together.

Snowball’s three-step process is designed to ensure that client and agency work as a unified team to make the most efficient use of time and marketing dollars. Your involvement and insights are a key component of the solution, just as important as Snowball’s creative input. Without both, our project won’t live up to its full potential.

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Snowball’s role in this step is to ask questions and listen. As creative director on your project, my job is to understand your current situation—what’s working with your marketing, what you’d like to improve and who your target market is.

We’ll brainstorm ideas for how our work together can best support your larger business goals and create the best outcomes—within your budget.

We’ll set goals and develop a roadmap for reaching them, carefully considering a variety of methods and determining which are most efficient and effective.

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Create and Implement

With our plan in place, I can begin the work of researching your competition and industry. I develop concepts based on that research that communicate with your target market and differentiate you in the marketplace.

Working, as needed, with my team of Internet marketing professionals, search engine marketing experts, writers, photographers, and illustrators, I’ll develop a variety of designs that address your marketing challenges and create prototypes for your review. During this presentation, we’ll discuss how these various concepts and designs support your company’s goals, based on our plan from step one.

Once you approve a prototype, the Snowball team gets to work designing the rest of the materials. You’ll review a final time and we’ll make modifications if any are needed. Snowball offers support and creative direction through final production, printing and launch.

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Measure and Improve

During this step we all get to watch how our creations perform. We’ll track results, compare against plan and measure success. Feedback from this process informs future marketing activities, setting the stage for even better performance on subsequent projects.

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