Web Design and Development

A website is an important tool for building and growing your brand. Advertisements make it look so easy, so don't feel bad if you get frustrated with the current trends in open source environments (Wordpress/Joomla). These platforms work out well for developers, because they are often too complicated for non-developers to figure out, or by the time they do figure it out the platform makes a major update and you have to learn it all over again. Luckily, I recognized this problem in 2009 and it's been my goal to design and develop websites that my clients can easily manage themselves, so I can focus on what I love doing the most, which is design.

I love creating order out of chaos through my site map recommendations in the beginning stage of each project. We review how information is presented, actions we want site visitors to take, and discuss site design functionality that will enable specific results.

Change is inevitable, so I make myself accessible to offer support with software and design updates, content updates you would rather not do yourself and support graphics for new promotions.

I design and develop mobile-optimized websites using a simple content management system (CMS). Each CMS is customized to resemble a client's web page, so content location is familiar. Updates are live, so there is often no reason to bring me in on any content updates. Some of my clients are too busy and they know I can make changes very quickly. My goal is to make updates simple enough for you to do yourself, but I'm always available for ongoing support.

I've been in the graphic design industry for over two decades. The experience and skills I've gained over the years enable me to provide you a professionally programmed site that looks and feels professional, is easy for visitors to navigate, and supports your company’s marketing and messaging goals.

Finally, I’m different from other designers you may have worked with in that I make myself accessible and share your sense of urgency in bringing the project to completion.

See my design gallery, or contact me and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish! I’ll tell you how I can help.

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