With junk mail taking over your target audience’s mailboxes, you want to be sure you are able to stand out from the clutter and immediately grab their attention. The best way to do this is with updated graphics that have vibrant colors and expertly-designed layouts. 

Seasoned direct marketing experts often recommend updating your mailing campaign materials at least once a year, or more frequently if you do lots of mass mailings. The key to getting your prospect to contact you for business is all rooted in being able to catch their eye and not have your postcards, letters, or flyers end up in the garbage. Here are the top direct mail do’s and don’ts.

Don’t rely only on your company’s reputation to sell your products. Remember in the direct mail game, if your target customer doesn’t read or look at your mailing, they won’t even know what you’re selling or if they want to buy it. And, in most cases, you are mailing to a list of potential customers who may have never heard of your business before.

Do pitch your products and services. You want to grab your prospect’s attention as soon as they see the mailer. To do this, you need to have your value proposition front and center. This can be done by having visually-appealing graphics and pictures that clearly convey your product or service benefits.

Don’t ignore the design of your marketing materials. You know your business is great, but you need your target audience to feel that same way. Having flyers that are too wordy, overcrowded with pictures, or has clashing colors can catch your prospect’s attention but in all the wrong ways.

Do invest in expert graphic design. A reputable graphic designer will know how to place the text and images to be easy-to-read and picked out of the pile of mailers in your audience’s mailbox. It may even be helpful to have two different designs that you can test out in your mailings to see which may perform better. With this data in mind, it can help you create marketing collateral that will resonant and convert.

Don’t reuse mailers more than once. You want to avoid marketing fatigue as much as possible, especially if you are doing multiple mailers per year, you want to avoid using mailers that you know have not converted well. It is important to keep track of your marketing ROI, so you can set appropriate benchmarks to determine if your mailers are meeting your sales goals.

Do find ways to refresh your mailings. You want to always have updated graphics, especially for your products. Featuring new promotions front and center with eye-catching banners is important to draw your prospect's attention to the most important information. Keeping track of what graphic layouts work and what text generates a high conversion are all things to measure to ensure that any new designs you have created incorporate these winning elements.

Do you have a mailing campaign coming up in 2019? Our experienced direct mailing graphic designers would be happy to do a free design review of your current materials and provide a few actionable recommendations to take your mailing graphics to the next level. Contact us today here to schedule your complimentary consultation.