Event Promotion Designer

Whether you’re hosting a customer appreciation event, attending a high-profile conference, or otherwise organizing a public-facing event, how you represent your company is key. From what printed graphics you use to promote the event, to digital marketing materials you post online, to even the signage or mailings used to advertise the event, you want them to be well-designed and immediately resonate with your target audience. Partnering with a reputable and experienced graphic designer can help you design event promotion materials that both leverage eye-catching design elements and exude your brand. According to the award-winning graphic design and marketing team at Snowball Creative Group, here are the top three reasons why you want your event promotion graphics to be creatively designed.

  1. Stand Out from the Rest. You want your promotional pieces to be immediately recognizable or visually-appealing. With so many other marketing messages and event promotion collateral out there, your target audience’s attention is already pulled in many directions. When you invest in having expert graphics made for your event, not only will they be well-designed to attract your target audience, but your designer can incorporate creative elements to give your graphics that extra pop.
  2. Think About Your Reach. Ideally you want those who see your event promotion materials to share them with others. That means one event flyer, postcard, or sign will be seen by more than one person. Therefore, you always want to make sure your company is represented in a professional manner. Having poorly-designed event graphics that are either too cluttered, don’t leverage quality graphics, or worse, contain typos will only serve to send the wrong impression of your company. When assessing whether a graphic is professional enough to market your event, ask yourself “would I want 10,000 people to see this?” If your answer is no, then it is time to redesign your event graphics until you are confident it represents your company well.
  3. Your Design Signals Credibility. If your event requires attendees to buy tickets or otherwise make a financial investment to attend, having impeccably-designed graphics is mission-critical. Think of it this way, you have $5 to spend on attending an event. You come across two flyers advertising a new event in your area. One of the flyers is well-designed and clearly conveys what the event is, who is hosting it, and some key benefits if you attend. The other flyer has a blurry logo, two large paragraphs of text, and three different kinds of fonts. Which event would you be most likely to attend? If everything else is equal, you’d likely chose the first, just based on the quality of the flyer. You want to approach your graphics with the attendee in mind. If your graphics are poorly-designed they will create additional barriers or objections for your audience and may lead them to not inquire or attend your event.

How you market your event is just as important (if not more) than the logistics of planning the event. You want to leave a great first impression with anyone who may see your event marketing materials. Partnering with a professional event graphic designer will be key in ensuring your event is represented well and able to draw in a large crowd.

Do you have an upcoming event? Contact the award-winning graphic designers at Snowball Creative Group to schedule a complimentary event graphic consultation. We will be happy to learn more about your event and provide some specific graphic recommendations.