Content Management System - Web Design

Your brand is unique and your website should instantly reflect this. You want your customers to visit your website and know that it is yours and not a generic template. Your website will be one of the first experiences new customers will have with your business, so you want it to be a positive and memorable one. By customizing every feature of your website, you’ll ensure that your website is different and built to best suit your visitors’ needs and preferences.

CMS stands for Content Managment System. A custom designed CMS enables you or others update the content of your website from any computer. If you’re unsure if a custom designed CMS website is best for your business, consider these three areas.

Customized Look and Feel

If offering your customers a unique experience is important to your company and embodies what your brand represents, then a custom CMS website is the way to go. You don’t want your web visitors to feel like “they’ve already seen your website template before”, instead you want your website to look different from the rest. You want your website to stand out in a way that makes them want to share your website with their friends and come back in the future. When you are able to control the content on your website, you can ensure they are tailored to fit your brand and have the colors, fonts, and styles that your customers have come to know and love.

Cutting-Edge Features

Standard template websites are limited in what you are able to do both in design and features. However, a custom CMS can be built to your specifications and can include the functionalities you need to manage your website and the bells and whistles that will engage web visitors on your website. In addition, when you work with an experienced web developer, they will be able to build in components into your website that will enable you to expand your website’s functionality as your business evolves.

More Design Control

Starting with a blank slate, you are able to pick and choose which layouts, structures, and design elements you want that will showcase your brand. Instead, of having to fit your brand into a pre-programmed template, you will be able to craft all of your website’s design and features around your brand. This includes the types of fonts you use, the style of graphics, even the colors you use for headers, calls-to-actions, buttons, etc. The more control you have in how your website is designed, the more you’ll be able to bring the best elements of your brand out for the world to see.

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