When it comes to hosting, sponsoring, or promoting an event, the devil is in the details. The marketing details to be exact. To stand out from the crowd and have an event that attendees will both enjoy and continue to talk about takes proper planning and impeccable execution. A winning branded event takes key elements that, when done right, will virtually market the event for you. The key to crafting these important branding pieces is to understand your audience and to determine what key phrases or words will resonate with them and attract them to your event. According to the event design experts at Snowball Creative Group, here are the top three marketing components you need to execute a successfully branded event.

  1. Event website. All attendees, sponsors, and media should be directed to one central location to get the latest information about your event and to register. Having a compelling and well-designed event website will be integral in helping you position your event in front of the right audiences. Careful planning of marketing elements, including website copy, branding colors/logos, and graphics placement are all key to ensuring your website is both visually appealing and easy-to-navigate.

  2. Event decor. From the banners, table decorations, signage, name cards - you name it. Any printed materials should be professionally designed and include your event brand continuity throughout. As attendees take pictures and post pictures online having branding elements throughout your event is essential in making it clear that your business is associated with the event. But, beware it is very easy to overbrand an event, so be mindful of brand placement and, if necessary, have branded pieces near entrances and anywhere there may be performances, speakers, or official event pictures taken.

  3. Giveaway bags. Coined in the industry as “marketing swag” these are great promotional items for attendees to take with them. Whether it is branded pens, bags, lanyards, or keychains, these can be effective marketing materials for your business well beyond the event. If your event has sponsors, asking sponsors to include giveaway items can be a cost-effective way of “stuffing” your giveaway bags without having to spend a lot on purchasing branded marketing materials. Placing well-designed flyers, brochures and business cards strategically throughout the event can be great way to put your marketing materials in front of event attendees to take.

Working through the planning phase of any event takes time and expert execution. Partnering with a professional meeting planner and event design specialist can be key to ensuring your event is well branded, without going overboard.

Do you have an upcoming event? The proven marketing design team at Snowball Creative Group has over a decade of experience crafting clean, professional designs for a host of events. Contact us today to explore how our design services can take your event to the next level.