Branding is one of the most elusive concepts in business. Creating brand elements is just one small part of the bigger branding puzzle. The key to effective brand management is rooted in having brand consistency within your organization. The challenge can be conveying your brand to your employees so that they will embody it in all that they do (at least at work anyway).

According to the brand management team at Snowball Creative Group, here are the top 3 ways you can improve your brand consistency within your company.

  1. Know your mission. Often when you are unclear about your company’s mission, your brand suffers. You want to be laser-focused on your mission and communicate this to all of your employees, as often as possible. Whether your mission is to provide greater access to technology for underserved areas, or to make innovative products that solve everyday problems, the key is to know what it is and make it a prominent part of your internal messaging. The more your employees understand and embody your mission, the easier it will be for them to consistently uphold your brand.
  2. Bring your brand to life. What do you want your company to stand for? Along with knowing your mission, it is essential that you craft the type of company culture your brand represents. For example, if your brand is trendy, forward-thinking, and environmentally-conscious, then you should have company initiatives for your employees that are also aligned with these ideals. Perhaps you offer a “new idea” challenge, or give employees time off to volunteer in the community, or better yet, invite loyal customers to submit their ideas for your next product launch. The important thing to consider is that your brand is not stagnant and, instead, should be brought to life in a way that it resonates as much with your employees as it does with your customers.
  3. Make branding a priority. Do your employees have access to your logo and branding materials? Are they aware of branding guidelines? Providing company-wide access to branding collateral is important. You want your employees to be aware of not just what your brand represents, but what it “looks” like. This way, you can also ensure that any marketing materials used will have the right branding language, logos, colors, etc. All too often, small businesses inadvertently restrict access to important branding elements to marketing or design teams, even though customer-facing roles like customer support should have access as well. For example, using the company logo and tagline in the email signature of all employees is an important part of building internal and external brand consistency.

If exploring other ways to enhance brand consistency would benefit your organization, the experienced brand management specialists at Snowball Creative Group are happy to help. Contact Snowball today for a complimentary brand consultation session.