Events are a dime a dozen. But, how you market your event and what materials you use can help you stand out from the crowd and ensure that your event is a success. According to the graphic design and brand marketing experts at Snowball Creative Group, here are the top 5 must-have marketing graphics for your next event.

  1. Theme Development. Branding is everything for your event to be both a noticeable and successful event. As with business, determining the theme for your event is important in establishing the tone of your event and set the stage for what your event will look and feel like for event goers. This will include partnering with an experienced graphic designer to craft an event logo, determine color schemes, typography, and create a thorough graphic style guide that can be shared with other event planning staff.

  2. Pre-Event Marketing Materials. Depending on the size and budget of your event, pre-marketing materials are important to begin attracting event goers and sponsors. This can range from launching the event website or landing page, to leveraging print materials such as “Save the Date” postcards, to having a well-designed sponsorship prospectus put together to garner the attention of possible event sponsors. The key is to consider what groups you want to target and get your event in front of them as soon as possible, and ramp up as you near the event date.

  3. Social Media Graphics. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter can be effective in getting your event liked, shared, and showing up on people’s timelines. The key is to make sure your social media branding and graphics align with the graphics, layouts, and design of all of your other event marketing materials. A seasoned graphic designer can create custom social media banners and graphics to easily share on a host of social media platforms.

  4. Email Marketing Design. From online registration, to event reminders, to event surveys, having a consistent and well-designed email template is important in conveying to attendees that your event has a compelling reason to register today. Having a well-thought-out format or design for all electronic communications increases the likelihood that attendees will actually recognize the email and open it. With hundreds of other businesses vying for people’s attention in their inbox, whatever you can do to (consistently) stand out from the crowd is mission critical.

  5. Event Signage & Brochures. Leading up to the event, using signs near the event location can be a great way to increase your event’s visibility. An event can have a few dozen to a few hundred different signs displaying key event information such as event schedules, directional signage, breakout session schedules, speaker lineups, exterior banner signs, podium signs, etc. Likewise, having clear signage outside of the venue, directing event attendees on where to park and where to enter the event is also needed to help manage the general logistics. In addition, having well-designed program and speaker line-up brochures for attendees to carry around are key to ensuring they have access to the information they need to take advantage of all the things you have planned. All signage and marketing materials at the event should have the same design and incorporate the event logo and colors to exude brand continuity.

No matter the size of your next event, having these five must-have marketing materials and graphics is key to the success of your event. For more ways that you can help your event stand out from the crowd, contact the graphic design team at Snowball Creative group at 404-678-0338 or online here.