In our technology-infused world, we’re constantly bombarded with words, everywhere we turn. From reading text messages, to devouring mountains of daily emails, to scrolling through paragraphs of text on a website – your customers need your words to come to life. 

To capture prospective customers, leading companies are partnering with award-winning graphic designers to create a brand story that will resonate with the target audience. In order to hook your prospective customers within minutes of visiting your site, you want to clearly convey your brand’s uniqueness and what benefits it can have in your customers’ lives. To do this, your website copy needs to tell a story in a way that customers will immediately identify with and remember.

Here are the top three ways to build an impactful story for your website.

Infuse humor. Everyone likes to laugh, right? Whether you use a cartoon, an interesting graphic or use a play on words to convey a funny tone, customers like to see the human side of a brand. Humor can be an easy way to connect with your audience over a common problem and let them know that you are aware of their pain and have a solution to fix it. When done right, humor can also help your brand go viral and something that current customers want to share with their friends. But, beware... you do not want to go overboard and use too much humor. The key is to find a delicate balance between providing your customers with informative text about your brand or product and adding in some humor undertones.

Leverage empathy. Is there a real pain point that your product or services alleviate? What does that pain look like and feel like for your customers? Identifying the core problem that your company’s offering solves is the key to crafting a compelling brand story. Perhaps your target audience is suffering from a physical ailment, or they want to reduce the level of stress caused by a recurring event. Either way, use illustrative language and paint the picture of what life is like now for them and how it could be transformed by embracing your brand or using your product.

Ditch the formal. How do these two sentences sound to you?

Option 1: Our goal is to provide strategically-designed products that are engineered to fit your life and ensure that when you use them your life is made easier.

Option 2: We make things that simplify your life.

Do you see how the second option has less text and is written in a more conversational tone? Having bulk and overly complicated sentences on your website can take away from the storytelling aspect. Find ways to shorten your sentences and provide your reader with vivid images of what they can expect when they use your products or services. Depending on your audience, it may work best to have a conversational tone in everything your write. The key is to find a few phrases or terms that resonate with your audience and use those in clever ways to tell your brand story.

Crafting your brand story with the right words and graphics can be a challenge without an experienced team. If you think your business would benefit from a comprehensive brand review, contact the brand story specialists at Snowball Creative Group today.