Making shareable content that your target audience will want to read, and more importantly, want to share is easier than you may think. Blog articles can be a great way to both inform your audience and get your business in front of a larger audience when readers share it. The key to producing shareable blog articles is to make them easy to read, generally under 600 words, and relevant to topics that your target audience is interested in. Listicle blog articles often generate more shares than any other type as they allow readers to quickly skim the text in under a few minutes.

According to the content development experts at Snowball Creative Group, to increase the likelihood that your blogs get shared, ensure that each blog contains these elements.

  1. Images that draw the reader’s attention. Depending on how your blog page is designed, you should have a featured image that enables you to add a compelling visual with each blog entry. The effectiveness of a blog is equally tied to the text you write, but also to the image(s) you chose to accentuate the blog. Keep in mind that when a blog is shared, it is often the image that may entice others to click, especially on social media platforms.

  2. Shareable social media icons. You want to make it easy for readers to share your content on their preferred social network. Including one-click shareable icons is a great way to make sharing your content seamless. If readers have to copy the link to your blog and then log in to their social media account in order to share your blog, they are not likely to invest the 2-3 minutes to do this. Even leveraging poignant phrases within your blog and making them into shareable quotes or images can be a great way to make portions of your blog shareable. Always be sure for images to include your website url and/or company name for branding purposes. You want it to be clear to others that may see your content that it is from your company and make it easy for them to find out more about you, if they are intrigued.

  3. An easy to read format. Leveraging headlines, short paragraphs, and concise sentences are all great ways to make your blogs easier to read and understand. Generally writing in a conversational tone is also important in enabling readers to quickly navigate through your blog. People will not share content that they themselves do not understand or identify with. So, be sure every blog is written to directly appeal to your target audience and incorporates words, phrases, or imagery that will resonant with them. Keep in mind that most blog articles will range from 400-650 words, allowing the reader to get the information they need without having to spend more than 5-7 minutes doing so. You want readers to read your article, so being intentional in how you create your blogs will help you create content that readers will both read and want to share.

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