Staying relevant in the lives of your target audience can mean the difference between having a steady flow of business or scrambling to find customers to sell to. And, your branding has a lot to do with how you appeal to customers and if your marketing messages resonant with them. With technology and rapid change being parts of everyday life, businesses have to continually evolve to match industry shifts and to meet new customer preferences. 

Reviewing your brand and marketing elements periodically is an effective way to ensure your marketing content and strategies are both current and are positioned well to attract new customers. Here are the five reasons why you should complete a marketing audit this year.

  1. Different Products and Services. Have your products and service offerings evolved over the past year? You may have a list of new benefits that are not currently reflected on your website or in your marketing materials. Taking time each year to review all of your customer-facing information is a great way to make sure what your customers see and read is accurate and up-to-date.

  1. Incorporate New Graphics. Revamping your marketing materials, at least once a year is a chance for you to add in new graphics and give your website, flyers, and marketing handouts a fresh look and feel. Again, this is an opportunity for you to review all content and ensure that all of your marketing materials have a consistent messaging and graphic design. Adding a new website banner or having a professional flyer created to promote a new service are easy ways to revitalize your brand and get your customers excited about your business again.

  2. Try a Unique Approach. As your business evolves and your customer preferences change, you may find that your marketing messages have to be adapted as well. Perhaps highlighting a host of different benefits on your website, or including customer testimonials on marketing materials can be an added touch to better appeal to your target audience. During your annual marketing audit, analyzing what elements worked well and which did not is an efficient way to determine what new marketing approaches you may want to carry into the next year.

A marketing audit will only be an insightful exercise if you invest the time in thoroughly completing it. Reviewing all business materials that your customers see and interact with is the best approach to determine if what you are conveying is both accurate and appealing. Having a second set of eyes to review the design elements can also be an effective way to ensure your marketing messages are consistent to outside audiences.

If you have not completed a marketing audit in the past six months, then now is the time. The award-winning marketing and design team at Snowball Creative Group is here to help! Contact us today at 678-408-0338 to schedule a complimentary marketing audit consultation.