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Stephen Katz of Katz Mortgage Team has been a mortgage consultant since the early 1990s. Due to all the turmoil in the financial markets since then, he’s worked with nine different mortgage companies as banks bought each other out or simply went out of business.

Having been affiliated with so many different companies meant the Katz Team had also used many different online marketing portals over the years. He was also dividing his marketing efforts between a number of social media platforms, four different websites, and a dozen online customer tools.

The result was a fragmented marketing approach that undermined the stability and credibility needed to attract customers. Old technology with limited functionality added to the challenge.


Katz wanted to establish his own brand, separate from the mortgage company he was affiliated with. He wanted to sell himself first and rely on his own company name, logo and website to provide a sense of stability and consistency.

Snowball helped him consolidate his four different websites and a dozen online customer tools under one new brand. We designed a new Katz Team website and helped them establish an integrated marketing approach including new brand development, and website design.


There’s now one website Katz uses as a hub for all his marketing activity. The new site features a content management system that allows the Katz Team to easily update content and blog posts – and to experiment with online marketing initiatives.

With the new technology comes better data about visitors and a resulting improvement in the ability to measure what Katz’s clients and prospects are interested in and what keywords will improve the site’s ranking. With only one website to manage, marketing is less labor intensive, analytics are easier to assess, and the Katz team is able to compete more effectively for customers on the Internet.

The new brand developed by Snowball is easily used across all the company’s social media platforms to establish consistency in the look and feel of all their marketing efforts.

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