Your website is often the most powerful selling tool for your business. In today’s digital age, your customers will likely first interact with your website before ever reaching out to contact you for more information or to make a purchase. Positioning your website to capture customer information is critical to driving sales and helping you better connect with your customers. The marketing specialists at Snowball Creative Group recommend leveraging these 3 tools to effortlessly drive more leads through your website:

  1. Lead Magnets. When customers land on your site, they may either be ready to make a purchase or can be in the early stage of learning more about your company or your services. Lead magnets are a perfect way to give them both the information they may be seeking and to pitch your company a potential solution. These are often 2-5 page, downloadable documents that customers can request on your site by entering in their contact information. For example, “Top 5 Website Designs That Skyrocket Sales” or “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing”. Not only are these great informational pieces, but it is important that they are well-designed and eye-catching so that your brand can instantly come alive. By offering professional lead magnets, you can capture warm leads and enter them into an email nurture to follow-up with over the next few weeks or months with similar information and marketing pitches.

  2. Free Consultation. Many customers may be interested in purchasing from you, but may either want to speak with someone directly or better understand how your offerings will help them specifically. By having free consultations, you’re able to expand and give hesitant customers a no-hassle way of trying out your services without having to make a commitment. The key to really capitalize on your free consultations is to make scheduling them as easy as possible. Requiring customers to call to schedule can add in an extra step that may prevent them from following through. Also, if a customer is viewing your website and wants to schedule an appointment, when your business is closed, you run the risk of them forgetting to do so and you ultimately miss out on capturing their information to follow-up later. Having online scheduling options for the customer to choose dates and times that are convenient for them for free consultations, helps you to get their information sooner.

  1. Offer Website. Only Promotions. With 93% of consumers using a coupon code of some kind at least once per year, having website-only discounts can be a great way to get customer leads. This way you can entice your customers to visit your site more often and input their information and perhaps even their friends’ information to unlock discounts that are not available anywhere else. Not only does this give you insight into which customers are consistently purchasing from you, but it also helps to create a steady stream of new customers eager to get deals and purchase from you.

Designing your website with lead generation in mind can dramatically increase your chances of capturing customer contact information even before they make a purchase. If you’re not leveraging all of these strategies above, contact the website and marketing specialists at Snowball Creative Group today to see exactly how you can upgrade your website ASAP!