Branding is an important part of positioning your business to attract your target audience. How you craft your business’ brand will play an integral role in how your customers view and interact with your products or services. However, as your company evolves, so too should your brand to ensure that it is in line with what your company represents. If you’re not sure what parts of your branding should be updated, then conducting a brand audit may be well overdue.

The graphic designers at Snowball Creative Group recommend creatively leveraging graphic design to evolve your brand, in these 3 ways.

  1. Update your logo. Your logo is by far one of the most identifiable parts of your business and a critical component of your branding. As your business grows and changes over time, it is important that your logo still be an accurate representation of your brand. Outdated or poorly-designed logos can have a negative impact on how customers view your company, before they even do business with you. By updating your logo, it conveys to customers that you are still fresh and relevant. If a complete logo rehaul is not appropriate, changing the coloring, word/image placement, or using varying formats of your logo can be viable options.

  1. Change the font. Whether it is the font style on your website or your other marketing materials, giving your typography a fresh look and feel can be a great way to attract more customers. Having a creative font is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and visually differentiate your brand without having to redesign your logo completely. And, as design standards change, updating your font to either be easier to read or to see is an effective way to make your web visitors’ experience more user-friendly.

  2. Redesign marketing materials. As you better understand your target audience, you will be able to integrate this information into upgrading your marketing materials to be more visually appealing and to craft marketing messages that instantly resonate with them. Having flyers, postcards, even letterhead redone is often a quick way to revamp your brand without putting in an extensive investment. Also, whenever possible, having varying versions of marketing collateral, designed to appeal to various segments of your target audience can make your marketing more impactful.

As you make small changes to your branding elements like your logo, website, and marketing collateral it is important not to completely change them. You want your customers to be able to easily identify your brand within these elements. However, if you feel like your existing branding is not in line with your business’ offerings, then undergoing a complete rebranding may be necessary.

Is it time to give your graphic elements a new look? The award-winning graphic designers at Snowball Creative Group can provide a host of options to choose from to take your brand to the next level. Contact us today for a no-strings attached consultation.