Over the past decade, the top priority for businesses has been to create an online presence and use technology to market to new customers. However, over time, this space has become overwhelmingly cluttered. Your customers are bombarded with social media messages, emails, website links, all doing the same thing, vying for a sliver of their time. 

Interestingly, researchers are finding that digital marketing has served to be even more effective when coupled with print campaigns. Imagine receiving a personalized letter in the mail, followed by an email or two. You may be more likely to open and read the email because you also remembered getting a tangible letter from the same company. The key is all about varied exposure!

According to the award-winning graphic designers at Snowball Creative Group, here are the top three reasons why print marketing will never die and why you should partner with a proven graphic designer today.

  1. Online marketing can be very impersonal. Even the most well-designed websites and active social media profiles are hard to customize for each individual customer. After all, you have to appeal to as many customers as possible to drive traffic for sales. As more companies shift completely to online marketing, customers are finding more value in receiving hard form materials, whether it be flyers, coupons, promotional postcards, or handwritten letters.

  2. All of your customers are not online. Believe it or not, this statement is true. Your customer may have a social media account and an email address, but the clutter in their inbox may prevent them from ever seeing your promotions or clicking through to your website. Dropping a print ad in the mail for them may be far more effective than sending a dozen emails. Likewise, when you are out and about at conferences or events, having print marketing materials go a long way in helping you build that personal connection with a new customer. It is easy to forget a website url, but having a business card or promotional flyer to refer back to makes it easier to remember where to go online later or who to reach for more information.

  3. Customers do appreciate visually appealing art. Think of it this way… when’s the last time you came across an email that really “wow’d” you because of the design? Most likely not recently. Print advertising has that ability to move someone just by the colors, layout and images. Plus, there is also something to be said about having a tangible object to hold and inspect. It is a better constant reminder to visit a website or try a product than a bookmarked link on their browser, or a flagged email among hundreds of other emails. When you partner with a creative graphic designer, the sky’s the limit in terms of what eye-catching art you can create to sell your brand to new customers.  

Online promotion will always be here to stay, but opening up your marketing point of view and incorporating some print materials may help you reach that many more customers. If you’re looking for a seasoned and affordable graphic designer, contact the professional team at Snowball Creative Group. We’d be happy to review your current marketing materials and suggest a print design that would complement your brand.