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Snowball's blog is a variety of tips and news about design and business marketing. I also like to share what I'm up to with regards to projects and personal interests.
If you have a subject you would like to recommend, please shoot me an email with your thoughts.

What You Can Learn from “The Exit”

When you’ve identified “the exit pages” it is time to delve deeper into the text on these pages to see what you can do to better engage your web visitors.

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Rebranding? When to do it and why…

More and more companies are moving toward rebranding every so often to give their customers (and themselves) a new, fresh perspective on what their company and product represents.

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Defining Your Brand? Start With the Basics

“What is a brand and how do I determine what my brand is?” The answer to this question is not as straightforward as whipping up a graphic, but instead you’ll have to put in time to drill down into the core of your business, who you want to attract, and how you’ll connect with your customers. 

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