When it comes to attracting customers to your website, blogs can be your secret weapon. As consumers become more informed, their desire for relevant information can be a way to leverage your industry knowledge to drive organic web traffic. Blogs are an effective way for you to share your insights with the world, while also establishing your brand as a leader in the industry. This is where understanding your target audience, particularly their pain points is of utmost importance. With these topics in mind, you can create engaging blogs that speak to their interests and provide them with useful information that they will both remember and want to share. Here are the three ways that having a blog can increase web traffic and convert into more sales for your business.

  1. Gives you more touchpoints. According to selling and marketing experts, it takes 6 to 8 interactions with a customer before they buy. That could mean multiple calls, follow-up emails, or having to stay in front of them as often as possible. With blogs, especially those tailored around topics that your target audience is looking for, they are able to get the touchpoints you need to build credibility. The more customers come across your content and find it useful, the higher the likelihood that they will buy your products in the future.

  2. Establishes you as a thought leader. When customers are considering buying from a company, they look first online for reviews, content, and to explore the company‚Äôs reputation. The more content you have available online, the more trust you are able to garner with new customers. By having a well-maintained and regularly updated blog, this conveys to prospective customers that you are both knowledgeable in your industry, and you are committed to providing important information to customers. Since 65% of consumers use online searches as a way to determine if a company is legitimate and worthy of their business, leveraging a blog on your website is key to attracting new customers.

  3. Helps you rank higher on search queries. By incorporating SEO keywords in your blogs, you can take advantage of the common search words and phrases your target audience may be using. This will enable you to rank higher on search results pages and get you in front of more potential customers. The key for this strategy is to invest in finding keywords that are not used as often within the industry and those that you can seamlessly weave into your blog content. SEO and content marketing strategies can be an effective way to carve out a competitive advantage for your business without having to pay for paid advertising. In addition, publishing content at least once a week can be a great way to keep content fresh and increase the chances that new customers will see your blogs and be intrigued to want to learn more about your business.

If you are looking for a highly effective and low-cost way to drive more traffic to your website, then consider adding a blog feature. The experienced web development team at Snowball Creative Group can partner with you to get started. Email Snowball to schedule a free blog consultation.