Creating a brand is not a stagnant process that is done once and never revisited. If you take the most prominent brands in the world like Google, Apple or Amazon – what have these brands done to stand the test of time? The answer is quite simple: They have a core brand message that they’re continually building on by finding ways to re-insert themselves in our lives to better fit our needs and wants. Establishing your brand and branding strategy are things you should put into place early on in your business, but they should be revisited, at least once a year, to ensure that your brand aligns with what will best represent your company and appeal to your target audience. If you’re looking for ways to take your brand to the next level, here are four proven ways to increase the value of your brand.

Increase your stickiness - Do you offer a full suite of products that solve a lot of problems in your customers’ lives or appeal to several of their interests? Take Apple for example, they not only have revolutionized how we communicate, but they also have a foothold in how we get work done and how we entertain ourselves. The key to increasing your brand’s value is to increase the level of convenience for your customers. Can you offer a new product line that both complements your current products and provides your customers with a new and better experience in another part of their life?

Be super convenient – In today’s highly connected world, customers don’t want to wait on the phone to place an order or to get help. Find ways to diversify your customer’s experience. Can they place an order via text message, browse your offers on Facebook or get emails when a new product is released. The idea is to take the burden off of the customer and give them the information they need and want in as many easy-to-digest formats as possible. 

Make everything personalized – Your customers want to feel like their business is valued and that they count on a personal level. Send thank you emails after each purchase or use email marketing techniques to check in with them if they have not purchased from you in awhile. Believe it or not, a simple call or message can go a long way in strengthening the value of your brand. Many of these follow-up messages can be automated through MailChimp, Constant Contact or similar email marketing platforms. The key is to personalize the emails and messages you send to customers as much as possible. Using website analytic tools as well can help you identify where on your site customers visit and help you segment your messages to be tailored to various customer profiles.

Find a social issue you can support – Whether it is childhood obesity, combatting homelessness among veterans or supporting educational opportunities for low income students – find a cause or social issue you can support. Customers are more socially aware than they have ever been before and by leading your industry in supporting a cause you believe in can help you to increase your brand equity while giving back to the community at the same time. 

These are a handful of easy-to-implement strategies that can help you increase your brand’s value with your target audience. It is essential to view your brand as an ever-evolving entity that may need to be tweaked occasionally to ensure it is speaking to your customers in the language they understand. 

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