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Snowball's blog is a variety of tips and news about design and business marketing. I also like to share what I'm up to with regards to projects and personal interests.
If you have a subject you would like to recommend, please shoot me an email with your thoughts.

Understanding the Brand Management Process

When it comes to putting a brand management plan in place, you need to invest time and resources to ensure that you are able to attract your target audience and position your brand to resonate with their core values.

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Why Hiring a Web Designer Is a Smart Business Decision

Though it may be an upfront investment, working with a website designer is well worth the investment. You want a website to be well-designed, easy to navigate, and as professional as possible to represent your brand well.

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Why Your Website Effectiveness Starts with Your Web Design Strategy

To maximize your website’s effectiveness, it is critical to take a structured approach to how you design your website. The award-winning web development team at Snowball Creative Group suggests following these important three steps to craft a web design strategy that will get results.

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Top Four Ways to Increase the Value of Your Brand

Establishing your brand and branding strategy are things you should put into place early on in your business, but they should be revisited, at least once a year, to ensure that your brand aligns with what will best represent your company and appeal to your target audience.

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Top 3 Types of Branding For Your Company

The key to nailing your brand is to determine what makes your company and product truly unique and stick to sharing these features with your target audience. Learn about the most effective types of branding that you can use to appeal to your target audience while still being authentic to your company’s brand.

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  • Brand Equity

What Your Website Really Says About Your Brand Equity

Your website can give you a lot of great insight into how much brand equity you have in your industry. The key is to really dive deep into your website’s metrics and study how your customers arrive at your website and, more importantly, how they interact with your website’s content

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