Crafting new content that will appeal to your target audience and increase your website traffic can be challenging. But, your past and current website traffic can provide great insight into what new content may be the best to post and what your target audience may want to read. Here are the top three reasons why Google Analytics should be your #1 content idea generator.

  • Seasonal and event-specific traffic. If you see a spike in web traffic after attending a conference or during the holiday months, it can be a great idea to tailor new blog topics and articles around these times. For example, a dog accessories company may see an increase in web traffic during the summer months and again the weeks leading up to Halloween and Christmas. Creating articles tied to summer dog toys, dog gifts, or popular dog costumes may be able to drive more traffic to their site and yield more customer sales. Likewise, if a specialty company experiences a higher rate of web traffic after showcasing their new products at a trade show, then featuring articles about their upcoming trade shows and highlighting their unique product offering can be infused in their new content to attract new web visitors. Also, crafting email campaigns and specific landing page designs with relevant content during these spike times can also be an effective way to engage new customers and promote your business.

  • Targeting new geographic areas. Leveraging the geographic traffic reporting tool in Google Analytics can be helpful in targeting new audiences. Adding new blog posts and social media campaigns designed to target specific geographical areas can be an efficient way to further increase traffic from these new geographic locations. Marketing experts also use this feature to position marketing ads and promotions to draw in new customers from various areas.
  • Identifying keywords to incorporate. Studying what pages of your website generate the most traffic and what times of year may be the busiest (website-wise) for your business can help you identify keywords to weave into your new content. For example, if your “Services” page generates a large number of referred visitors from search engines, then incorporating some key phrases and wording on that page into other pages and articles on your site can help to drive traffic to all pages of your website. 

These are just a few examples of how Google Analytics and evaluating your website traffic can help to shape new content for your business. It is important to stay aware of your online presence and review what is working to drive new web visitors to your site and what may need to be revised. Using online tools to stay on top of your web traffic and determining what new topics may attract customers can be an efficient way to increase sales and stretch your marketing dollars. If you’re interested in exploring your web traffic to generate new content ideas, contact the creative marketing team at Snowball Creative Group today for a complimentary website review.